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This film emphasizes on the importance of watching over your children at every step of their life until they stand on their own feet. Modern parents often ignore their children at strange moments of their life. They tend to mistake it for puberty, age, and hormonal changes in their children. But the fact is, not every kid reacts the same way and at the same things. We would never know if a minor girl or a boy was molested in private especially in a country like India where rape is happening every day. Some of them react in a way that eventually kills them, and others move on with the hurt and the shame for the rest of their life. This movie is about a girl molested by someone you will not expect. Ashwini Movie - Starring : Sanjay Reddy, Bhargavi, Sameera. Writen & Directed by Shashank Yeleti. Produced by Sandeep Gunnam. Music by Derek Fiechter, Amit Dasani & Prakash Anantha. DOP : V. Shyam Prasad. Editing : Babu Srungavarapu.

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