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There are times when love comes a full circle and soul mates reunite. A romantic thriller movie choreographed with the beauty of 2 prodigal hearts returning to each other like birds in winter to their nests. 'Humsafar' is a journey around such a story! A film by Muhammad Aasim Qamar that strikes a chord with beating hearts and stitches together a resonating melody of love. The photographs of a girl you took secretly won't make her fall in love with you, it will land you in jail branded as a stalker and a sexual predator. Do not ask why he had an Apple laptop initially but later an HP. However, credit goes to Nikon Camera that clicked some awesome pictures. CREDITS - Actors: Uddeshya Rath Krishnatreya. Kriti Vij. Faraaz Siddiqui. Sakshi Oberoi Bahadur. Zorian Cross. Eesha Singh. Vishwas Kapoor. Sonam Sharma. Special Thanks: Kamal Singh Asowal. Ravi Prakash. Rahul Sagar. IRON CURTAIN. Shabd Kumar. Bahaish Kapoor. Mrs. Rana Safvi. Rahul Sahgal. Praveen Chunar. Kshitij Prakash. Yash Joshi. Cinematography: Ahmed Kamal. Assistant Cameraman: Viivek Pant. Music Courtesy: freestockmusic website. B-SIDENA1. Poetry & Narration: Nagesh Prasad. Editor: Upendra Palaria. Motion Graphics: Ankush Kathuria. Mohan Singh. Producer: Amit Tripathi. Executive Producer: Ashutosh Joshi. Written & Directed by: Muhammad Aasim Qamar. Production House: UncommonSenseFIlms. AWARDS WON : A.M.U. FILMSAAZ 2013 / ALIGARH / BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER, COLOR FEST 2013 / AHMADABAD / SECOND BEST SHORT FILM, LADAKH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / LADAKH / OFFICIAL SELECTION, LISFF / BHOPAL / OFFICIAL SELECTION, IDSFFK / KERALA / OFFICIAL SELECTION.

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