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TBM Originals 'First Dating Kiss' at Lovers Point : True Love Story about a teenage bombay girl & her first dating kiss at a graveyard with her boyfriend. This Hillarious Romantic Comedy with English Subtitles will make your day. Desperately looking for fine place to get some privacy, they realize there no better location than the company of the dead. Kiss me, says the boy. I will, says the girl, But first find a romantic place where we can be alone….. Boy hunts everywhere in Mumbai – he finds secret, lonely, scary, wild places but there’s no place for teenage love. Will his kiss die on his lips? Or will he be lucky in the end? This film is adopted from the short story, Thikana from the book Teen Premi, Theen Shaheliyaan authored by award winning Hindi writer Akanksha Pare Kashiv. She is currently Editor of Outlook-Hindi. Lover's Point Cast & Crew : Directed by - Dipk G. N. Nanglia. Produced by - Anil Nanglia. Authored By - Akanksha Pare Kasiv. Cast - SHIVANGI SINGH, RISHAB SHUKLA. Cinematographer - Bhushankumar Jain, Film Editor - Mansoor Azmi, Sound Designer - Shantanu Akerkar, Original Background Music - Virendra Kumar. Re-Recording - Shantanu Akerkar. Colour Colorist - Prathamesh, Executive Producer - Navin Kumar Shah. Casting - Shurabh Singh.

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