The Restaurant Couple

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A slice of life. A restaurant conversation gets out of hand. A cheesy conversation and a life turning experience. A tasty delicious food is not always necessarly meant to be nutritious. But a soury one could be of great medical value and healthy for your mind and body. This Hindi short film takes 2 couples on a dinner table. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” are the common words that every couple have in their conversation. It’s the little things – that totally get on your nerves. Everyone who have been in a long term relationship knows that a date night could turn out to become a blessing or even a regretful experience. From getting ready to negotiating what to order for dinner to having desert at the end, date night is filled with these strange little moments. The beautiful fragrance of memories or bitterness of faults, either of it. However it can't extract one from the past, unless one makes the new path, that is the key. It is not everyones cup of tea. Cast And Crew: Director – Bahaish Kapoor. Music/Sound – Bahaish Kapoor. Editor - Bahaish Kapoor. Cinematographer – Bahaish Kapoor. Actors – Prabuddh Dayama, Isha Talwar.

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