White Shirt

Posted by Ritika Sharma

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Enjoy the beauty of the melancholy romantic drama of a love affair circling around something so small and precious. This is an original take on complicated relationships. Moral of the story : If you are fortunate enough to have someone who loves you more than anything else on this planet than don't lose her no matter what. But if your partner changes, giving priorities to other things or cheat with you, high time to move on. Don't hate her and don't complaint. Take your time. Talk to your partner. But if the things doesn't change, then its better to move on rather getting frustrated most of the time. You deserve a better one. White shirt is the labor of love for Sumit Aroraa. A theory of this movie depicting the foul smell of the dress shows the dirt and disgust of what her relationship had become in the end. She begins to move on after the maid accidently takes it into the laundry to wash it clean portraying her relationship has come to an end. Kritika Kamra​ & kunal kapur's most understated performances till date.

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