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2017 Hindi Song - KEHNA HI KYA portraits a couple's romance in a hot cappuccino cafe. Enjoy the lovely beauty and handsomeness in a wonderful romantic theme floating on a framework of a dream. It is a picture most young men and women could relate to from their life experiences with a girl they fall in love with. That charming beauty and the essence of the aroma of a heart pounding feeling when that special person is sitting right in front of you. This song is a single produced by Satguru Production, which focusses on launching and promoting New Talented and Fabulous artists to come get the best opportunity. Inspired (Cover) from Kehna Hi Kya. Lyrics, Singer and Music : Puneet. Video : Kunal Agarwal and Sukhdeep Singh. Song Name : Inspired(Covered) from Kehna Hi Kya. Starring: Ramit jain & Saloni Banga. Powered by : A Vinay Kumar & Dinesh Mundra Films. Editing team : Apourv, Prakash. KEHNA HI KYA This song is composed and sung by Puneet.

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