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An emotional and heart touching accoustic music video that could make you cry. It may remind you of a past experience that killed a beautiful relationship with someone you loved with all your heart. 2017 Hindi Song - Scars (Satguru Productions). True love never dies but hurts. If it never worked out it was never genuine. This song has an emotional and psychological hit on the weak hearted but a powerful message as well for those going through a trauma of depression of love failure. Satguru Production focusses on launching and promoting New Talented and Fabulous artists to come get the best opportunity. Singer Name : Mayank Pariaker. Model : Shriya Tiwari. Lyrics : Kartik Bansal. Composer : Mayank Pariaker. Music Composer : The R productions. Editing team : Apourv, Prakash. Powered by : A Vinay Kumar & Dinesh Mundra Films.

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