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This is a movie that every girl should see and be aware of. Thousands of girls suicide in India on a daily basis in the name of social media threats. More than rape, this phenomenon is happening everyday unlike any other culture or society that values self respect. Before you trust somebody with all your heart, know your limits and borders before you get to understand the person, lest death awaits you from your own hands in the end. Rathna Banna Entertainment studios, in Association with Public cinemas presents FACEBOOK - a Kannada movie which is inspired from a real tragedy. Casting - Rakesh Chatra, Rashmi, Anand Shankar, Rohith padmanabha, Sathya. Story, Direction, cinematography and Editing By RG Ganesh. Screenplay and Script By Sathyapramodha MS. Assistant Cameraman - VFXdesgin By RajeshKawdae. Asssistant Director - Sathya RajeshGowda.

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