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Learn how to make millions of money without any school, college or educational certificates. This is actually happening in India today, to people you see in the streets. You get to realize how much you under estimate them and how poor you actually are with education and job the society gave you. Well, your education might not have taught you about taxes, loans, growth rate and financial development while you were busy trying to simply pass your exams on ramayana and mahabharata. The best way to live is common sense. Cast - Starring : Kumar Srinivasa, Rahul Dev, Pavan Kumar.M.K. DOP : Vishwas M Prabhakar/ Avinash Shastry. Editor : Rahul Dev. Color Grading : Parallel Productions. Gear : Canon 1100D 600D 18-55 50mm F1.8 lens Camera. Assistant Director : Kiran Prabhu. Directed by : Rahul Dev.

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