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A loving house wife comes out of her shell world in search of self-esteem. The new path ahead makes her wonder about her little world. At the midst of her life changing journey, unexpected things begin to happen and a death makes her resurrect and understand the hard lessons can never be taught by any other experience. Produced by Vinodh Baskaran. Written & Directed by Aravind Baskaran. Cinematography & DI by Bharathraj. Edited by Logesh Venkatesh. Dialogues by Sowminarayanan, Surrya M.Narayanan, Vignesh Srikanth, Aravind Baskaran. Music by D.A.Vasanth. Lyrics by Anand Padmanaban. Associate Director : Thiyanesh Senthur. Assistant Cameraman : Krishna. SFX & Sound Mixing by Isaipettai. Gimbal Assistant : Nithin Joseph. Singers : Vinodh Baskaran, Ajay Krishnaa, K Kanmani. Publicity Designs : SKINNY ELEPHANT. Script Discussion : Priaam Veer, Thiyanesh Senthur, Vignesh Srikanth. Media Partner : Tamil Short Cuts.

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