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The importance of teaching and training girls to defend themselves in a country where rape and molestation are becoming a rampant disgusting trend. With no action of safety coming from the government, it is upto us to build and develop strong and powerful set of skills for our daughters to face and encounter perverts and public nuisance such as this. Folklore Films and Kenocasse Films presents AVALADHIGAARAM. The film focuses on Women Safety and Women Empowerment. This film seeds reformative thoughts and creates awareness on crimes happening against women in the society. Written and Directed by Arun Narain. Cinematography - Dilip Karttik. Editing - Anil Krishnan. Music - Ramshanker.S. Digital Intermediate - Gowtham. Sound Design - Sujith. Designs - Kalai Maaran. Casting : Krithikaa. Sahana. Saravana Vel. Harish. Karthi Prasanna.

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