Ival Azhagu

Posted by Sri Venkatesh

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This movie is a depiction of the reality of everyday suicides happening in India due to the scandal leaks and sensitive content materials of girls captured from hidden cameras. As social media grows wider in this generation, so does the threat level to privacy and social security of women. In a country like India where self respect is considered the most important value for any man or a woman, perverts and misogynistic people take advantage of the technology and opportunities to destroy others life. A tamil short film is directed by Sri Vijay Ganapathy. Starring - Nakshatra Nagesh and Jiva Ravi in the lead roles. Casting: Jiva Ravi, Nakshatra Nagesh. Crew: Sri Vijay Ganapathy (Director), Ameen (Director of Photography), Al Rufian (Music Director).

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