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Must watch film for every Indian to realize the honour and patriotism that the legendary freedom fighters earned for us. It was not just about the freedom and independence of the country, but also for the most respected pledge and promise each and every one of unchanted with pride in school. Unlike any other country, India won its freedom by the moral values and the spirit of love lead by Mahatma Gandhi. Hence in our everyday life as a citizen of the country we are bound by this pledge of honour and truce to one another as our forefathers taught us. Creative Frames Presents a Telugu Patriotic Short Film genre with a strong Social Message Oriented with Emotional Heart Touching scenes embedded by Nationalism and Humanity, based on the Indian Pledge, from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Please Plug-in your headphones for the best quality experience. Casting: Chaithu Sofi, Hyma, Imran Khan, Kishore Maarisetty, Leela Venkatesh, Srinivas, Baby Harini and others. Sub-titles: Sai Charan. Dubbing: Prakash/ NSM Studio. Vocals: Navya Sona Kanakala. Music: Srikanth Koppula. Assistant Director: Leela Venkatesh Kommuri. Co-Producer: Kishore Maarisetty. Producer: Srivarma Chinda. Main Title Logo, Poster Designer: Ajay Ejjada.

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