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Ashwini - Indian English Movie

Posted by Nishant Yadav

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This film emphasizes on the importance of watching over your children at every step of their life. Starring : Sanjay Reddy, Bhargavi, Sameera. Writen & Directed by Shashank Yeleti.

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White Shirt - Hindi Movie (with subtitles)

Posted by Ritika Sharma

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Enjoy the beauty of the melancholy romantic drama of a love affair circling around something so small but yet precious. Starring : Kritika Kamra​ & Kunal kapur's.

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Nann Love Story Aadaga - Kannada Movie (with Subtitles)

Posted by Ganesh Chauhan

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A Beautiful love story of two hearts in a story of suspense, humor and emotions. A relationship is no joke. Casting : GANESH MP, Shwetha, Smitha, Siddu katarki.

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Crimes of Passion - Hindi Movie (with subtitles)

Posted by Deepak Sourav

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Never cheat on your partner, whether be it your friend or spouse. The cost of repayment for such mistakes might actually destroy you in a way like KARMA. CAST: ABHISHEK NOTANI, PARINITA SHAH, RUDRAKSH SINGH, CHANDRIKA BATRA, VANSH GOSWAMI.

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The Proposal - Indian English Movie

Posted by Niya Sebastian

play the proposal

Mr. Arun & Ms. Rhea are the future lovers of the plot. This short film will show how they fell for each other. The story does not end with the proposal. Written & Directed by Vimalraj N.

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Facebook (based on true story) - Telugu Movie (with subtitles)

Posted by Mark Fuckerberg

play Facebook

This is a movie that every girl should see and be aware of. Thousands of girls suicide in India on a daily basis in the name of social media threats. Casting - Rakesh Chatra, Rashmi, Anand Shankar, Rohith padmanabha, Sathya.

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